SquiDeral version 2.0 (and up)
What's SquiDeral
SquiDeral is a free, easy to use configurable web-based interface program for manipulating the statistics created by squid cache proxy daemon in a "human-readable" format.
SquiDeral has also an option to disable and limit the access to several hosts of your network, using arp to make bogus records in the arp table of the machine squid is running at, but the method is up to you. Just edit the funcions.h.php to replace the method with the one that is suitable for your occasion.
SquiDeral comes with absolutely no warranty, it's tested on some systems (particularly slackware linux) for more than a month and it showed no inconvenience at the final stage.
SquiDeral is distributed on the bases of General Public License (GPL).
See INSTALL for details.
SquiDeral is not protected by ANY copyright law and it's your respect towards the author to leave the copyright information at the bottom of each page.
Any feedback concerning the software is always welcome. If you report any bug or inconvenience in this software, I'll do my best to correct it in the next version.
Screenshots available:
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SquiDeral log file analyzer/statistics generator,
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